Increased Cancer and Asthma Risk

Cancer Map Provided by Orcem/VMT - DEIR P.207

Cancer Map Provided by Orcem/VMT – DEIR P.207

At left is the Cancer Map of increased cancer risk due to diesel fumes provided by the VMT/Orcem Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR p.207).

Are you on the map? Yes? How high is your risk? Sick, or dead?

No? Not so fast. A state study done by the California Air Resources Board shows that diesel fumes from the ports of Los Angeles are elevating the risk of cancer as far as 15 miles inland. Do you think the diesel fumes from VMT/Orcem port will be bounded by the neat box on this VMT/Orcem Cancer Map? Or only stay in Vallejo?

Napa is 15.5 miles from S. Vallejo. American Canyon and Benicia, even less.

This VMT/Orcem Cancer Map does not even include cancers which are associated with SLAG, an industrial waste product that Orcem will import from Asia to use in the making of “slag cement.”

Each generation has a miracle product so safe “you can eat it!” Remember asbestos? We will show you that SLAG is not as safe as Orcem wants you to believe.