Historic Sperry Mill and Growth of a Hometown

News Update:  “Vallejo commission names six structures as city landmarks” at March 17, 2016 hearing.

In 1860 Vallejo’s founder, John B. Frisbie, chartered a sailing ship to export another kind of California gold—wheat! Grown near Vallejo, this was the first shipment of wheat sent overseas, from California to Liverpool, England. Nine years later, Captain A.D. Starr established Vallejo’s first flour mill in South Vallejo in 1869.

Flour shipped from Vallejo would eventually travel to Asia, South America, and Europe. Vallejo became the largest flour-shipping site in California. The mill was purchased by the Sperry Flour Company in 1910 and later became the General Mills Sperry Division.

We can be proud that this mill shipped flour all during the two world wars. It finally closed its doors in 2004.

The mill and the other Vallejo industries dumped petroleum, asbestos and anything unwanted into the river and bay.

cry-photoWe are faced with two choices: Ignore the evidence and imagine that any business and any jobs are good for Vallejo – or – stop the madness, clean up the mistakes, and build businesses that really are good for Vallejo.

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