Independent Expert Charges the Orcem Project Pollution Analysis ‘Wrong. Fraudulent’

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for Wednesday, Dec. 13, 2017

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Controversial Vallejo Cement Factory’s ‘Dirty Secret’

Exposed; Independent Expert Charges the Orcem Project Pollution Analysis ‘Wrong. Fraudulent’

VALLEJO, Ca.– An independent clean air specialist Wednesday is expected to claim that a proposed controversial cement factory here is hiding a “dirty secret” – its air pollution data is wrong, sometimes fraudulent and that if a “proper” analysis was done now it would show the Orcem Cement Factory could not safely operate near homes and school, forcing the City of Vallejo to kill it.

Details will be presented at a news conference 10 a.m. Wednesday/Dec. 13 at 800 Derr St (at the foot of Lemon St.), the entrance to the old General Mills / Sperry Mills. Solano Group Sierra Club will also be present.

Jay Gunkelman, who was on the Community Air Quality Monitoring Technology Advisory Panel for Bay Area Air Quality Management District, will present his findings at the news conference and challenge the City of Vallejo to run its own, separate analysis of the Orcem Cement Factory project.

“Our scientific analysis of the Orcem cement factory shows that Air Pollution levels will be too high.   The homes and school in this neighborhood would suffer from an illegal — and immoral — amount of diesel exhaust and cement dust,” charges Gunkelman, adding:

“Nowhere else has Orcem built a cement factory so close to a residential neighborhood.    Orcem tried to hide its Air Pollution.  Orcem told us there would be no Air Pollution.  But now we know that is not true. Orcem can no longer hide.  The City of Vallejo must stop this project now.”

Gunkelman said a new analysis shows that Orcem is trying to hide a dirty secret, including:

  • The Orcem smokestack would emit dangerous levels of toxic emissions.
  • The Orcem factory would cause dangerous levels of cement dust to escape into the neighborhood.
  • The Orcem factory would emit hazardous materials that are known to cause cancer.
  • The Orcem factory does NOT belong in our community.

More details available at news conference.