Devil in the Details/Dust

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We love business, and want more jobs to come to our fair city, but we must say no to Orcem, we say no to VMT.

You may ask “Why? Isn’t a dust-free green cement mill a good way to help revitalize our city?”

Well, when anyone promises you a “dust-free cement production” plant, it’s time to take a careful look. And that is exactly what we did.

This is ORCEM Marketing Material and what It wants you to see and believe

This is ORCEM Marketing Material and what It wants you to see and believe

After spending hundreds of hours, reading thousands of pages in VMT/ORCEM’s proposal, talking with experts and researching cities/towns with similar operations, our conclusion is:

We are strongly against VMT/ORCEM.

Name a city that’s been revitalized by building a cement plant. Can you? We cannot!

On the contrary, we see towns being destroyed by operations like Orcem’s.

Name a port city whose nearby residents aren’t fighting increased rates of cancer and asthma. Can you? we can’t!

You may have received VMT/ORCEM’s slick postcard or fliers, promising jobs and revitalization. On this web site, you will look behind the lies of green business, green jobs and dust-free cement production. You will see what VMT/ORCEM tried to hide in their application’s fine print.

The devil is in the details. Let us tell you the real story …. you can decide.


Greenwashing is Eco-Propaganda

“…the deceptive use of green PR or green marketing in order to promote a misleading perception that a company’s products are environmentally friendly.”