Where are We in the Process?

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Many people have asked, “Where are we in the overall process and what will happen next?”

To see the detail schedule of all meetings, comments, draft and future/final reports, go to the City website link below. Here is the short version:

  • September 2015: City released the Draft Environmental Impact Report (DEIR) for the VMT/Orcem application. It was prepared by Dudek, a third party company.
  • September – November 2, 2015: Government agencies, non-profits and the public were allowed to respond with comments to the DEIR. Hundreds of comments and questions were submitted.
  • November 2015 – May 2016: A Final EIR is being prepared by city staff and Dudek in response to these comments and questions.
  • From the office of the City Manager: “The Planning Commission hearing on VMT/Orcem project has been pushed back another month to early June. The staff report and Final EIR will be available three weeks prior to the hearing. The schedule for the proposed VMT/Orcem project is subject to change due to multiple opportunities for delay. You will note that there is no meeting scheduled for the City Council; this would only occur if the project is appealed after the Planning Commission announces its outcome.”

This means now is the time to raise awareness of the problem with all our friends and neighbors and appeal to our city officials to reject the project at the upcoming June 2016 hearing.

Meanwhile, the Propel Vallejo General Plan Update that shapes our future as a River and Bay City is also in progress. This multi-year planning process outlines a positive vision for South Vallejo. Please read up and support this important work. http://propelvallejo.com

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Link to Draft EIR and Comments:

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