Town Hall Meeting

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Town Hall Meeting

Town HallAUGUST 12, 12-2, 332 Georgia Street
 When it comes to stopping Orcem/VMT...

Do you have two hours to make a real difference?

What we do now counts for 65 years:

The brief history of the Orcem/VMT proposal – They asked the city of Vallejo to change a land use designation to heavy industry in an area adjacent to a residential area with two elementary schools near by so they could build a cement mill with a 65 year lease on the waterfront.

Based on the truly dire environmental impacts outlined clearly in the DEIR in September 2015, the ORCEM/VMT proposal was turned down by the Planning Commission (the legal body in charge of land use decisions) and the City of Vallejo, which supplied a 46-page report on why the Orcem/VMT project was wrong for that site. 

The Chamber of Commerce and nearly 50 other organizations, including the people who would unload the ships full of toxic slag, The Longshore and Warehouse Union, agreed and all stated publicly, “NO ORCEM/VMT. This business doesn’t help Vallejo.”

HOWEVER, the internationally funded applicant appealed the legal planning commission’s decision and now four city council members (three of whom were in the secret deliberations for 18 months with VMT/Orcem to try and get dredging for the straits) claim they have not ‘pre-approved’ this proposal (in spite of their months of association in meetings where they used only their personal emails but acted with the power of city council people) and these four city council members are publicly stating it’s “only fair to the applicant” that more information be provided after 2 years of information already having been provided. Enough is enough!

Where are we today? The applicant and the city are supposed to develop a mutually agreed upon stable project description by August 25 since they missed the first deadline to accomplish this task on July 15 (the city was ready. The applicant didn’t deliver information until after 5pm the day after the deadline). In the meantime,  we’re bombarded by the Orcem PR firm’sdeceptive advertising trying to make us believe toxic cement is somehow “green.” Really? That’s not what the experts say.

    Vallejo has the law and environmental justice on our side.

                    YOU are a part of creating a future

                              that works for us ALL!

             Your Help Now Will Count for the next 65 Years

   Town Hall Meeting: AUGUST 12, 12-2, 332 Georgia Street

                 See you there!