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Please write Mayor, Council Members, City Manager and Fresh Air Vallejo. Here is a block of emails to copy and paste.

Bob.Sampayan@cityofvallejo.net; Pippin.Dew@cityofvallejo.net; Hakeem.Brown@cityofvallejo.net; Robert.McConnell@cityofvallejo.net; Katy.Miessner@cityofvallejo.net; Hermie.Sunga@cityofvallejo.net; Rozzana.Verder-Aliga@cityofvallejo.net; info@tymnu19.sg-host.com; michelle.straub@cityofvallejo.net;


And here is a draft to copy & paste, please add your own feelings and thoughts:

City Manager, Mayor and Elected Council Members,

I saw in the Times Herald that on Thursday, May 30, 2019 there will be a City Council meeting and the proposed VMT/Orcem project is back on the agenda at 5pm. Will you please hold this meeting in a larger venue so I can attend when I get off of work?

I am strongly opposed the the VMT/Orcem project. It is a bad idea for Vallejo. We shouldn’t tear down that historic site. We shouldn’t have a toxic mess on the waterfront. And we shouldn’t sacrifice the health of the people of South Vallejo. The California Department of Justice says the information we were given in all the environmental reports by the applicants is either false or incomplete.

It is time to pull the plug on these abusive corporations VMT and Orcem.

We have so many great things going on like our expanding universities, the Mare Island Preserve and the beautiful Coal Sheds, Paramount Pictures and Film Mare Island, and the Nimitz Group proposal, can’t we find a developer to revitalize the Historic Sperry Mill as imagined in the 2008 Sperry Landing Project? Other buildings by that architect Couchot are remodeled and reused in San Francisco and Oakland. I would like to see Sperry Landing grain silos as a mixed-use student+senior+veteran housing development. It could have a grocery store like Trader Joe’s or Sprouts, city car share and bike share services. Public access to the waterfront and be connected by bike trails to the rest of the city. Our waterfront is too beautiful to give away.

[your name and address or at least zip code so they know where you vote]