KQED Shines Light on Vallejo Fight

by | Nov 29, 2016 | 0 comments

Thanks to Lesley McClurg for her article and podcast of NOVEMBER 21, 2016 shining the light on our fight to keep Vallejo moving forward. Our fight to not slip backwards to the last century’s vision of heavy industry.

Thanks to Michael Krasny for hosting Fresh Air Vallejo on his morning FORUM program on NOVEMBER 23, 2016.

Click here to listen to the interviews and the many callers opposed to the proposed VMT/Orcem project.

Vallejo must say no to VMT’s private port and Orcem’s cement plant if we are to win the light industry as outlined in the General Plan Update adopted by our City Council earlier in the year. From page 34,

“South of Downtown. The General Plan seeks to strengthen the existing employment cluster south of Curtola near Lake Dalwigk and in the area adjacent to Downtown Vallejo. New commercial and light industrial uses complement existing businesses and facilitate a transition to fewer heavy industrial uses over time, bringing activities that are more compatible with residences to the north and south. Along the waterfront, existing industrial uses with long-term leases could become commercial/light industry, subject to property changes prior to the expiration of the existing leasehold, which could include a range of uses from research and development facilities and light manufacturing to hotels and tourist attractions, including along a waterfront pathway.”