Camden, New Jersey – a Tragic Case Study of a “GREEN” Cement Mill

by | Feb 17, 2016 | 0 comments

The St. Lawrence Cement Company in Camden, New Jersey is doing the same thing that ORCEM proposes to do in Vallejo. It would ship in blast furnace slag and grind it into a very fine powder for use as a cement additive. However, it never called itself a GREEN business or Green Cement. The cement company’s operations generate more than 77,000 diesel truck trips and emit 100 tons of pollutants per year.

Cement-grinding operations are highly mechanized and produce only 15 jobs, which is typical of the heavy industry that proliferates in Waterfront South. Trash hauling, “recycling,” trucking and waste disposal are not labor intensive, and the pollution and blight that accompany these industries discourage more desirable businesses from locating nearby.

Camden was promised jobs. Instead they got a town killed by pollution, cancer and crime. Don’t let that happen to Vallejo.

Reference: Fighting for Air