Cement Plant Proposal at Vallejo Could Sabotage Effort to Restore the Napa River Estuary

by | Feb 24, 2016 | 0 comments

Napa County is at the forefront of a herculean effort to restore the Napa River, including the historic tidal marshes into a geomorphically stable, living estuarine system. Levees have been breached, old salt ponds are transitioning to tidal marshes and the restored tidal prism has greatly reduced the flood threat in the Napa Valley.

But all that good work stops at the Napa County line. On the other side of the county line, a shadow government has been working in secret to bring back polluting, heavy industry by dredging the lower Napa River to accommodate huge transpacific freighters.

Heavy industries along lower Napa river will not only sabotage Napa County’s efforts to restore the Napa River Estuary but potentially damage the vineyards in the Carneros Appellation.

Air and water doesn’t pay attention to arbitrary distinctions like county lines. Heavy Industries on the lower Napa River doesn’t affect only Vallejo. The cement plant and port are just the beginning. If the U.S. Army Corps dredges for large transpacific freighters, more heavy industry spewing toxins into our common air and waters will be inevitable.

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