About Us

Leadership with a heart. Family ties to Vallejo. 100% volunteers. 

Fresh Air Vallejo is a group of volunteer residents working together for a healthy environment and economy. We embrace positive change, and are building a better tomorrow, today!

Many of us have contributed to Propel Vallejo, a new vision that respects our history and builds on it for the 21st century. Read more about the General Plan Update . On March 1st, City Staff and the General Plan Working Group presented the preferred scenario – a River Bay City – to the City Council where is was approved unanimously.

Independently, we volunteer on a wide range of issues from housing for the homeless and caring for our wildlife and environment, to fostering new business, promoting the arts and educating our children.

Together, we volunteer at Fresh Air Vallejo. We are researching all sides of the issues that face Vallejo and bringing our professional expertise to the discussion.

This website will expose the facts that businesses like VMT and ORCEM try to conceal. Facts that are profitable for a corporation, and harmful to people.

We are not alone. Many cities and towns across America are fighting for their future. Please join us combating heavy industry in residential neighborhoods. Join us opposing VMT/ORCEM.