• Call or write today! The VMT/Orcem applicants filed an appeal. Even though all their claims of safety have been proven false by the great work of the last year and a half by the Vallejo City Staff and Planning Commission.

    The applicants want City Council to overturn March 6, 2017 Planning Commission decision to deny project, and for Sperry Mill’s historic status to be removed so they can demolish it.

    VMT/Orcem applicants want to have ANOTHER hearing in front of City Council! They are wasting City Hall’s time and our time and money!

    So call today and tell our elected officials:

    1) your zip code where you vote 2) we don’t want this harmful project around our kids—all our health is more important 3) when/if they do hold the hearing—move it to an auditorium that will hold 400+ people because the Commission hearings were cold, loud and made it hard for residents to attend in person. (TBD: end April/early May). Many people who came to the Planning Commission were forced to leave because of the uncomfortable conditions that they had to endure. They left without being allowed to voice their opposition to the commission of how it would impact their lives and their health.

    Bob Sampayan, Mayor
    (707) 648-4377

    Robert H. McConnell, Vice Mayor
    (707) 648-4135


    Pippin Dew-Costa, Pippin.Dew-Costa@cityofvallejo.net
    (707) 648-4132

    Jesus “Jess” Malgapo, Jesus.Malgapo@cityofvallejo.net
    (707) 648-4131

    Katy Miessner, Katy.Miessner@cityofvallejo.net
    (707) 648-4133

    Hermie Sunga, Hermie.Sunga@cityofvallejo.net
    (707) 648-5437

    Rozzana Verder-Aliga, Rozzana.Verder-Aliga@cityofvallejo.net
    (707) 648-4134

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